In order to support the capital to attract global high-level talents and become the “City of Talents”, FESCO can make full use of its own international talent service experience, so as to help more foreign students to study in China and to learn more about various convenient measures of internship, employment, entrepreneurship and life in Beijing.


On May 27, 2021, FESCO together with the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (“CSCSE”), organized the online session for Series of Training Activities for Foreign Students' Employment in Beijing. More than 400 foreign students from over 20 countries, including Canada, Singapore, Poland, Malaysia and Argentina etc., studying in dozens of Chinese institutions of higher learning, such as Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Nankai University, signed up and watched the live streaming.




Jia Jinghua, who is Project Director of the Office of Studying Affairs of CSCSE, was invited as keynote speaker. Under the theme of “Analysis on Talent Demand, Employment and Entrepreneurship Policy for Foreign Students”, Mr. Jia shared and exchanged the views on the general information of international students in China, their willingness and demand, internship employment policy, entrepreneurship policy and job-seeking skills.




According to the survey results of foreign students' stay intention and employment intention in 2018, Mr. Jia introduced that more than 70% of foreign students want to stay and develop in China after graduation, among which 83.22% of the foreign students participated in the questionnaire survey chose to find a job after graduation, and 16.78% of them want to start a business. At the same time, he also empathetically introduced the legal, regulatory and policy basis of internship employment in China, some talent introduction plans in China, and professional achievement recognition standards, etc.


More employment guidance-related policies shared by Mr. Jia can be found in “Learning & Education” Zone of “Easy Beijing” APP. More employment guidance-related policies shared by Mr. Jia can be found in “Learning & Education” Zone of “Easy Beijing” APP. If you want to review the wonderful live streaming, you can scan the QR code and download “Easy Beijing” APP.





In the second part of the live streaming, Zuo Shuai, Customer Manager of FESCO's International Talent Service Department, shared some valuable information on the key issues such as job hunting, certificate handling, living and medical treatment, and elaborated how FESCO built a smooth channel and development space covering the whole process of “study abroad—internship—work—residence—permanent residence” in China detailedly.



左帅老师首先对易北京APP求职专区进行了详细介绍,专区为求职者提供北京市各大招聘信息,岗位重点围绕十大高精尖产业,现已征集3000多个岗位。留学生群体可以通过点击易北京APP主页面的动态banner,进入Esay Job页面,选择专业、行业相关并对口的岗位,进而实现简历投递和岗位匹配。

Ms Zuo first introduced Job Hunting Zone on “Easy Beijing” APP which provides job seekers with major recruitment information in Beijing. It also focuses  on the top ten high-tech industries, and has collected more than 3,000 jobs. Foreign students can click on the dynamic banner on the main page of “Easy Beijing” APP, then they will enter the Esay Job page, and select major, industry-related and counterpart posts, so as to achieve resume delivery and job matching.



Second, as for the hot policy issues concerned by the foreign students in China, the “Easy Beijing” APP specially sets a “Learning & Education” page, which is connected with CSCSE website. On this page, it also provides inquiries on policies and regulations in China, introduction of application for studying abroad in popular universities, online courses and application for registration, etc. In terms of certificate processing, the APP has now linked the entry of foreigners’ work permit in China and the entry of residence permit reservation, which can initially realize online business application.



With regard to the life and medical treatment, “Easy Beijing” APP has established cooperation with Grade III Level A hospitals in Beijing, for example, the China-Japan Friendship Hospital. At present, it has realized medical treatment functions such as online appointment, online consultation, online report inquiry, as well as search function concerning inquiring disease information and general knowledge of daily life.


Moreover, Ms Zuo emphatically introduced FESCO's international talent service. Focusing on the key difficulties faced by international talents, FESCO integrates resources covering the whole process from pre-arrival, entry, on-the-job to departure of international talents, and provides enterprises with one-stop service for international talents. The services involve international moving, house renting and buying, transportation management, children's education, certificate handling, social security agency, recruitment services, salary and tax, supplementary welfare and other life and workplace services, aiming at helping international talents integrate into China.


At the end of the live streaming, Ms Zuo invited Mr. Jia to answer and explain some common problems asked by foreign students. You can review these questions on the “Learning & Education” – “Employment Guidance” page of  “page Beijing” APP.



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