Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resource Service Co.

Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (FESCO) was founded in 1979 and sent the first Chinese employee to the foreign company. Since then, China's human resources service industry has emerged. For more than 40 years, FESCO has been leading the development of China's human resource industry from Beijing to the whole country and overseas. As a professional provider of comprehensive HR solutions, FESCO always provides comprehensive HR solutions for various organizations and enterprises with warm services and advanced technology, driving the rapid growth of Chinese and foreign enterprises' business in China and helping domestic and foreign talents to continuously enhance their value.

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One-stop comprehensive solutions for enterprises

which is professional and authoritative and is a kind of comprehensive empowerment with warmth


EASY BEIJING APP is a platform for international talents, supported by government policies and developed by enterprises to provide "public+business" services. The APP is oriented to customer needs, integrating functions such as diversified workplace services, cutting-edge policy information, digital life services, convenient government services and intelligent online customer service. It provides integrated services for six major groups of people who come to Beijing for tourism, work, study abroad, long-term residence, entrepreneurship and visiting relatives.

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Employee Welfare Care

We formulate welfare management strategies, plan welfare systems, optimize welfare costs, improve management efficiency, meet the individual needs of companies and employees, and achieve overall improvement of employee satisfaction and the brand image of employers.

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Full-stack HR integrated services

FESCO continues to invest in product innovation to provide customers with a one-stop, complete, cross-boundary, efficient and convenient service experience.

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One-stop online self-service for employees

a new experience with safety, intelligence, efficiency and convenience

Employee Self-Service Platform

Convenient and efficient

safe and reliable


57 online service process solutions

The average time to fill out a single process is 3 minutes

Save over 70% time compared with that of traditional process

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